The Latest On Non-Invasive Body Tightening and Contouring Treatments

Non-invasive body treatments are in big demand today, in fact, non-invasive body contouring is the fastest growing segment today within the world of aesthetic dermatology. It’s easy to understand why.  All over the world, society is under pressure to achieve the ideal body image.  It’s everywhere – messages that promote weight loss, that push the […]

How To Achieve Beautiful Skin At Any Age, Naturally

Keeping your skin looking young and beautiful while holding back the signs of aging really just requires some healthy lifestyle tweaks. Here are some tips that will help you age both gracefully and beautifully naturally: Don’t forget sunscreen, each and every day Besides helping in the prevention of skin cancer, applying sunscreen every day is […]

Why RF Treatments Are On Trend

A treatment that takes less than an hour (so quick in fact that you can save time by having a “lunchtime treatment”), gives your face an instant lift effect with the benefit of long lasting improvements even 3 months after treatments,  a treatment that is comfortable and safe without any downtime – sounds a bit […]