For a smooth way forward: ENDYMED Contour

Cellulite affects more than 90% of women and is related to loss in quantity and function of dermal collagen fibers, with the skin surface resembling orange peel. While skin laxity can start occurring at the age of 35-40, cellulite can show in women as young as 18-20. It’s therefore not surprising that an ASDS consumer […]

Open your eyes to all the possibilities with ENDYEye, non surgical eye lift

The clock is always ticking but the skin around our eyes is one of the first areas to show signs of aging as laughter lines, crow’s feet, dark circles and drooping eyelids start to appear. These can seem worse in the morning, especially due to lack of sleep or stress. Little wonder then, that, according […]

Why ENDYMED FSR is ideal for non-surgical eyelifts – Dr. Sach Monhan

I have worked with ENDYMED since the very beginning. Choosing the right fractional skin resurfacing technology is not about marketing hype or which celebrity has had the treatment done: it’s about serving the patient’s needs without compromising them and providing the best possible outcome with the least downtime. Skin resurfacing has to perform two major […]

Why Dr. Fabian Perez Rivera chose ENDYMED 3DEEP®

Why Dr. Fabian Perez Rivera chose ENDYMED 3DEEP®

I have used medical technologies for over 22 years, and decided to extend the range of treatments I offer by adding a powerful, versatile and trustworthy radiofrequency device – initially as an alternative to using laser for my facials. After more than six months searching and exploring different options, I decided on ENDYMED for a […]

The Latest On Non-Invasive Body Tightening and Contouring Treatments

Non-invasive body treatments are in big demand today, in fact, non-invasive body contouring is the fastest growing segment today within the world of aesthetic dermatology. It’s easy to understand why.  All over the world, society is under pressure to achieve the ideal body image.  It’s everywhere – messages that promote weight loss, that push the […]

How To Achieve Beautiful Skin At Any Age, Naturally

Keeping your skin looking young and beautiful while holding back the signs of aging really just requires some healthy lifestyle tweaks. Here are some tips that will help you age both gracefully and beautifully naturally: Don’t forget sunscreen, each and every day Besides helping in the prevention of skin cancer, applying sunscreen every day is […]

Why RF Treatments Are On Trend

A treatment that takes less than an hour (so quick in fact that you can save time by having a “lunchtime treatment”), gives your face an instant lift effect with the benefit of long lasting improvements even 3 months after treatments,  a treatment that is comfortable and safe without any downtime – sounds a bit […]

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