A treatment that takes less than an hour (so quick in fact that you can save time by having a “lunchtime treatment”), gives your face an instant lift effect with the benefit of long lasting improvements even 3 months after treatments,  a treatment that is comfortable and safe without any downtime – sounds a bit too good to be true, doesn’t it? But 3DEEP radio frequency facial treatments by ENDYMED offers all that, and more.


ENDYMED’s radio frequency (RF) facial tightening and contouring treatments work by heating up the collagen within the skin’s dermis to 40 to 42ºC, which actually jump-starts your skin’s natural collagen production capabilities. What’s great about this is it gives you an instant lift even after 1 treatment as the shrink-wrapped collagen tightens up. The heat provided by the 3DEEP treatments causes your collagen to think that it has been injured, so the body produces more collagen to repair the perceived damage.


For a radio frequency facial treatment, the energy intensity is very comfortable, just like having a warm facial or massage.  You still get an instant lift and glow, but for best results you need to do a course of around six treatments (depending on your individual skin concerns) in order to see lasting results.