The Latest On Non-Invasive Body Tightening and Contouring Treatments

Non-invasive body treatments are in big demand today, in fact, non-invasive body contouring is the fastest growing segment today within the world of aesthetic dermatology.

It’s easy to understand why.  All over the world, society is under pressure to achieve the ideal body image.  It’s everywhere – messages that promote weight loss, that push the idea that thinness for women and muscularity for men is best, and body confidence is tied to the idea of the “perfect body”.  This is wrong on many different levels, because quite honestly, the perfect body doesn’t exist.  Being happy and confident in how your body looks should not be connected to what society dictates how you should look, but actually should be based on what makes you feel the best about yourself.

Body positivity and confidence are the values behind 3DEEP RF body treatments.  It focuses on the positive and not the negative, challenging you to appreciate and respect your body and understanding that there is no right or wrong when it comes to weight, shape, size and appearance.  At the same time, 3DEEP RF treatments are available to support whatever aesthetic change you feel you would like to make – 3DEEP is an non-invasive technology option available that works with your body’s natural rejuvenating process to make the changes you want to make to your body, changes that will provide you with the results that will give you personal satisfaction, without invasive procedures that carry risk and long periods of after treatment downtime.

ENDYMED has three extremely effective 3DEEP RF body TC handpieces – the Contour, the Shaper and Mini-Shaper – that provide amazing long-term results for:

  • Circumference reduction
  • Cellulite reduction (the Contour handpiece is amazingly effective for cellulite reduction. The Contour combines 3DEEP’s deep volumetric heating with our unique fractionated pulse vacuum technology to reach a heating depth of 26mm, unparalleled in the industry!)
  • Arm tightening
  • Thighs and buttocks tightening
  • Waist and abdomen tightening
  • Knee tightening

As with facial lifting and tightening, 3DEEP body treatments are suitable for all skin types, are safe and pleasant and have no after-treatment downtime.  Typically offered in a series of 6-8 treatments, 3DEEP body treatments offer both immediate and long-term amazing results.

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