Why ENDYMED FSR is ideal for non-surgical eyelifts – Dr. Sach Monhan

I have worked with ENDYMED since the very beginning. Choosing the right fractional skin resurfacing technology is not about marketing hype or which celebrity has had the treatment done: it’s about serving the patient’s needs without compromising them and providing the best possible outcome with the least downtime.

Skin resurfacing has to perform two major roles when it comes to a non-surgical eyelift. It has to resurface the skin and treat the lines under the eyes by either thickening the skin or contracting it. As the skin around the eyes is so unforgiving if traumatized, the potential complications and downtime can be significant. However, ENDYMED FSR enables you to safely treat over the eyes because the fractionation only happens at the epidermal layer: the high safety standards, and the homogenous and reproducible results, are due to the 6 FR generators.

I really enjoy using ENDYMED FSR because it doesn’t discriminate against darker skin types in the way that a CO2 laser and an Erbium laser can. These can produce a significant amount of downtime, cause hyper- and hypopigmentation, and require the patient to wear intra-ocular contact lenses – the offering therefore is not something that you could feel comfortable handing over to a nurse. However, treatment with the FSR can be easily delegated to aestheticians. The smooth scanning technology, unlike stamping technologies, provides absolute control of the ablation and the FSR spot size is ideal for the anatomical landmarks of the periorbital rim. The handpiece is small and compact so is very easy to maneuver around the eye region and the skin can contract nicely.

Pain is minimal with only topical anesthetic required, which is another excellent reason why the procedure is suitable for delegation. Downtime is limited to no more than about 48 hours, with effects resembling a very mild sunburn with a little puffiness. Patient feedback has been fantastic!

ENDYMED FSR isn’t just a fantastic alternative to having a blepharoplasty: another advantage is that the treatment complements injectables. Patients with excessively crepey skin are unable to have these for volume loss because their skin cannot tolerate the tension created by injectables underneath, so we often pre-treat them with fractional skin resurfacing to thicken the skin first. Results after a course of three treatments typically last around three to four years, which is very cost-effective for patients.

This product is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. This information doesn’t constitute medical advice. Consult your treatment provider for further information.


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