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Eye Lift

the Non-Surgical solution for Brighter, beautiful eyes without pain or downtime

The area around the eyes is one of the first areas to show the signs of ageing, making this area a particularly popular for treatment. 3DEEP ENDYBleph non-surgical eye lifts provide the safest, most effective option for treating this delicate area.


*Pictures courtesy of Dr. Isabelle Rousseaux, France


*Picture courtesy of Dr. Isabelle Rousseaux, France

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Superior results

Safe and comfortable

Minimal pain and downtime

High patient satisfaction

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3DEEP RF for the delicate skin around the eyes

Superior Results

3DEEP technology provides volumetric heating which results in maximum efficacy for reducing wrinkles and crow's feet around the eyes, lifting the eyelids, and reducing under eye bags

Patient Comfort

Treatments are pleasant and comfortable with no side effects or downtime

Personalized Treatments

Real time skin impedance monitoring, providing optimal energy to the treatment target area by making continuous adjustments based on tissue impedance

Fractional RF Handpieces

RF Fractional Technologies for Enhanced Results

Superior Results

3DEEP iFine eye lifting treatments can be easily combined with FSR and Intensif fractional RF to enhance treatment efficacy and provide amazing results in a shorter treatment series

Patient Comfort

ENDYMED's non-surgical eye lifting treatments completely safe and comfortable with no side effects or downtime

Personalized Treatments

Eye lift treatments can be completely customized to suit your needs and skin impedance. You can choose to add fractional RF elements to your treatment to further enhance your results

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