How To Effectively Treat Acne Scars

Acne is an awful thing for teens to have to suffer through, but scarring caused by acne just seems like a cruel double punishment (seriously, you suffered through months or years of pimples, now you have the acne scars as an unpleasant reminder of your experience!). Unfortunately, acne is one of the most common skin disorders, with nearly 90% of all adolescents suffering from it at some point. For some, acne continues to be a life-changing issue well beyond their teen years, and they continue to suffer from acne well into adulthood.  And for many sufferers, acne can lead to scarring, both physically and emotionally. While the severity of acne scars is individual, there is one universal issue for all acne sufferers – acne scars to lead to physical and psychological distress. Acne and acne scars are associated with embarrassment, self-consciousness, lack of self-confidence, anxiety, depression and lower self-worth.  That’s quite a heavy load to deal with, especially for teens.  But there is good news  –  active acne and acne scars, particularly depressed acne scars, can be easily treated with amazing results – thanks to Intensif RF Microneedling treatments by ENDYMED. Intensif RF Microneedling by ENDYMED uses extra sharp gold plated microneedles to heat the depths of the dermis, which promotes dermal collagen remodeling.  What makes Intensif treatments more effective than other microneedling solutions are the unique needles – the Intensif uses noninsulated microneedles, while other microneedling solutions use insulated needles.  With the Intensif’s noninsulated needles, RF energy is delivered over the entire length of the needle for better and more uniform volumetric heating of the dermal tissue than insulated needles.  Also, Intensif microneedle treatments help break through the scar tissue that is pulling down the skin in depressed or ice-pick acne scars, releasing the skin so it can bounce back up and provide a more even skin texture. Intensif treatments are minimally invasive, have no side effects and offer little downtime after treatments.  Also, due to the smooth needle insertion motion of the needles, Intensif treatments are relatively comfortable and do not cause bleeding or bruising. The best thing about Intensif treatments are that all you need is just 3-6 treatments to enjoy amazing, clinically proven results for reduced acne scars, improved skin texture and reduced pore size.